Confidentiality and Discretion referring your translations

We guarantee confidentiality for transmitted documents

Your enquiry about translation, correction or the like will be handled with the utmost discretion.

The documents we translate are often still unpublished or contain strictly personal information. We handle your documents with professional care. We have taken all possible technical and legal precautions to guarantee confidentiality. LANGUAGE4FUN is highly committed to discretion and securing data.

If we finally do not get your order all transmitted documents will be deleted from our computer and e-mail program.

Besides that we currently update our server with the latest security software to avoid unauthorized data access. Software with external databank which could pass our firewall unrestricted is absolutely out of question. Therefore we use simpler translator software – without internet connection – that is constantly updated and checked by us. Ask your translator what kind of software he exactly uses and check yourself its security.

Our translators are obliged to observe our strict confidentiality requirements. Upon request and prior to the actual assignment, we are able to present you with a signed standard non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

It is also possible to provide your standard non-disclosure agreement, although limited conditions apply. Please contact us about this topic. We will be pleased to provide you with more detailed information on the secure delivery of your document(s).

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