Our Areas of Expertise

We are experienced in translations of high quality texts in almost all fields of expertise in our main language English.

Spanish, French, Danish and Czech are available for some selected fields of expertise on request. Please find below a brief explanation of our areas of expertise:

Certified translations - e.g. certificates, verdicts, contracts or authenticated documents

General correspondence - like letters, e-mails or notes

Financial translations - for banks, insurance companies, holdings, property Management companies, etc.

Commercial translations - advertising, communication and information technology, e. g. for trade fairs, major events or in the area of hotels and leisure industry

Technical translations - in the area of motor manufacturing industry, craft industries, processing sector (glass, plastics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, biotechnology), energy sector (refining, petrochemicals, electricity production, renewable forms of energy), steel industry, agro-food industry, electronic and IT fields, technical manuals, specifications and operating instructions

Medical translations - reports, formulas, patient information leaflets and data, etc.

Book translations - specialist books, screenplays and prose

Legal translations - contracts, licences, business reports, verdicts, last will, etc.

Special translation projects - e. g. websites

Corrections - within 48 hours for texts up to 1000 words

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