Categories of Interpreter

We have compiled an overview of the different interpreter categories which we offer:

1) Escort interpreting
Interpreting of general topics literally or giving just the gist while escorting travel groups, single person or groups during private (like shopping) or business trips.

2) Specific interpreting
Interpreting of general topics or specific expertise (e.g. during exhibitions, seminars, lectures, negotiations between companies, or for company delegates) quickly, expertise and with the completeness of contents. The interpreter communicates with single sentences or short summery of contents between two or several persons.

We use the following interpreting techniques:

A) Consecutive interpreting
The interpreter translates once the speaker has finished. This is usually done section by section. Benefits: questions from the audience can be translated immediately; no technical equipment required.

B) Chuchotage (or "whispered interpreting")
The interpreter is seated directly behind a maximum of two listeners and interprets simultaneously. Benefits: only a minimum time delay; no technical equipment required.

Your foreign guests and you will be accompanied on demand.

We take care of important arrangements like hotel or table reservations, etc., in Germany and abroad.

We will find out your requests and fix the procedure during a personal contact with you.

Finally we would like to point out that our interpreter escort service is no sexual service.

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